Vera Plus - "Can't Detect Device"

I have Vera Plus for quite some time already. It used to work OK. Today it lost several devices without any reason. I did not touch anything, did not change or move anything but three devices that where accessible just this morning can not be contacted. Unit restart didn’t not help. What else I can do?

Regards, Tim


Hi Tim,

I’m sorry to hear about this.
I would recommend using the Need Help button up top or email the support team at and make reference to this topic. They will get you back on track.

i have same issue… I have vera plus and many Neo coolcam switches, Aeotec multi sensors and few fibaro smoke sensor.

vera lost connection switches and multi sensors, reinstalled and works, and then lose other device randomly.
I changed new switches but no effect, vera lost connection, and its start when vera is new, now 2 years Im fighting that, and now I planning change vera another brand, old Securifi was better zwave connection no problems but scenes are bad… even vera engineering skill type scenes are better…

This is an old story but I have to report the outcome.
After a lot of testing and support from Vera all blame went to Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6 devices. I had several of them of different models and all of them got dramatically reduced connection range - something like 1 or 2 metres only. I bought range extender to make connection to the base station and placed all smart switches within 1m from the range extender. Now everything works fine.


What did you purchase for a range extender?

Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Range Extender