Vera plugin development environment


  1. Is there a preferred GUI environment for developing/testing vera plugins? vi works fine, but thought I’d check anyway.

  2. is it possible to submit a chunk of lua for execution from the command line, or do I have to build something myself using the rest api? I find it annoying to use the web interface, then tail the log… Even better, is there a way to execute the code synchronously and see the results immediately? I’m trying to speed up my development cycle…



try this

ZeroBrane Studio

I use Emacs … it supports open files remotely (over SSH) as well as having shells(s) open remotely … all in the same environment (i.e. from my Laptop).
I still use the Apps → Develop Apps → Upload files to upload files to Vera … I guess I could extend emacs (That’s the benefit of emacs) to handle the appropriate compression when sending files to/from Vera.

All of my LUA code is in LUA files.
I isolate Vera Interface as much as possible to a few functions.
And try to develop PURE LUA methods that can be tested by running LUA on my PC (also inside emacs) I develop test cases for this PURE LUA code that I can use during future developments/releases.
The slowest part is testing ON Vera … and ZeroBrane would help there … but the most time consuming part is the time to do the Vera TWO-Step
1) Reload Vera
2) Refresh the Browser
Which is often needed when you are changing the software.

I am a long time developer and have used Emacs for 30+ years. I usually have it open next to current IDES while I develop for Java (Android and other), C#, Objective-C, Swift, perl, python, html/css, …