Vera plugin and associated Arduino Yun sketch for IR Control of Media and Lights

I’ve created a plugin that allows you to use any IR remote you have lying around as a universal remote for Vera.

An instance of the Vera plugin is created for each room in the house. These plugin instances are configured to make them aware of the AV devices and lights available in the room they control. They then automatically route commands to the correct device.

You can think of the Vera plugin as a composite virtual device. It means, for example, you only need one Play button and it will be routed to the device you are watching automatically.

Some examples of the functions:

[ul][li]Route Volume, Mute, EQ commands to the AV receiver device[/li]
[li]Auto route Menu control and AV transport (play, pause, stop etc) to the correct media player device based on current AV receiver input[/li]
[li]Map some buttons to Vera scenes (like All Off)[/li]
[li]Provides lights up/down function that reads the current level of all lights in the room, then increases or decreases each light in fixed steps[/li]
[li]When sending a Play command, tries to read the current transport status of the media player device. If it is already playing then send pause instead. This allows you to use a remote having a single Play/Pause button, with devices that only support discrete Play and Pause commands, such as Sonos.[/li][/ul]

Hope this is useful for someone!



Hi Chris,

Does it run on Nano too? ( I just need to receive IR and trigger Vera Scenes, what do you recomend?