Vera outdoor temperature source / best virtual outdoor plugin?


I have my thermostat adjust based on outdoor temp.

I noticed today (1st warm day of the year) that the temp in Vera is WAYYYYYY off. It saying its 12C when actually its 20C.

Anyway to change where the data comes from?

I use the Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin (by MiOS). Any others recommended instead?


One of the great features of a forum is that someone may have asked (and answered) a similar question before.

Searching for “calibrate termperature”, for example, would show some hits.

Try this, for a simple (7 year-old) solution:

with a fuller (more recent) explanation here:

Thanks, sorry if my title was misleading (updated), but I have checked the forum and couldn’t find the answer to my questions. To clarify, I do not have an outdoor sensor. Neither of the topics you’ve pointed to answer my questions. Which were:

  1. Can I change the source of the default outdoor location temperature in Vera?

  2. Any other plugins recommended?

Take a look at Sitesensor.

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Yes, my mistake. I was, indeed, misled.
Modified title is clearer!

Thanks will do. Rigpapa to the rescue again!

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Sitesensor works great thanks for the suggestion!

So I’m still curious on whats wrong with Vera’s temperature. It says 11C right now, and its actually 21C.

Anyone know where this data pulls from?

Do you have the right location data set in the settings?


yes its correct. Even the latitude and longitude are only a couple km from my house.

I suspect what is happening is that even though my location is set to Oakville, Ontario, Canada in vera, it’s pulling data from Oakville, WA, USA. The temp there right now is about 11C.

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I wonder if the Location and city are separated. I can still pick any city without changing Lat and Long. Can you find another location near by?