Vera or Veralite

Hi. I am looking at getting a Veralite but wondering if I should go with the Vera instead.

I doubt I will come close to 70 devices that I read the lite can handle.

Any reason to go with the Vera instead of the Veralite?



Consider physical devices as well as all of the added software you may want to put in. If you add a nest thermostat for example, you have to add a plugin to help you control it. If you add an alarm system controller to your box, more software. If you want some of the grey capability of PLEG, another plugin, and so on.

At 70 physical devices with a lot of diversity (switches, thermostat, blinds controllers, pool pumps, hot water heaters, garage door openers, irrigation controllers) you may want to consider the Vera 3.

The other consideration is the layout and type of construction of your home and how it may affect the quality of the mesh network.

Some people have to add a 2nd unit just for added range, for example. Some people get away with one.

I just replaced my Vera 2 with two VeraLites and I’m very pleased with the results. I was having a range problem that has been resolved and with much fewer devices on each Vera, everything runs much faster and seems more stable.

I was ready to do this in my home (Vera3)… Until I read the threads where guys have had great results adding an external Z-wave antenna.