Vera official app on Iphone - Blinds Problem


I have a problem on the vera app on iphone using UI7. Everything works good with other app (Simplewave, Automator…) but with the mcv application i cant control my blinds. I see them in the app but when i click on the button to open or close (no choice for pourcentage) i heard a sound on my fibaro roller shutter but nothing move.

Somebody have the same problem ? or an idea to make a solution ?

Thanks for your help

Hello Roby,

Please send us an email to so we can help you.

Thank you.

Hi thanks for answer. i did it right now

i start an explication …
on UI5 i used my FGRM 222 with parameters
10 - 1
14 -1

on UI7 i put the same parameters ans OPEN/CLOSE buttons was not working (on computer and iphone app). Now i just put
14 - 1

and now its working on iphone app. But now i cant use Pourcentage to open my blind at 50%

and i fix a part of the problem…
i make a new calibration with parameters 29… blinds goes up and down and now pourcentage are working but with the official application :

  • i can close with the app the blinds when its 50% for example
  • but after i can re-open my blind with the iphone app…