Vera notifications possible issues

As a background, I have sort of a remote workshop, that I can rarely get to now with the new virus.
One of the edges was there, with a fibaro door-window sensor mounted, which worked perfectly for years.
Friday or saturday this was opened and a lock was distroyed, and a few materials vanished that were in between the first and the second door (fortunately). But I had no notification on the phone though, that’s what upsets me the most.
I searched afterwards, I did got the emails, unfortunately these were in spam, because I’ve put them there since a couple of years ago, because I was receiving multiple emails for same event and support could not fix it.
Anyway, my bad because I was relying on it.
I use 7.40.346 - does anyone have the same issues? If so, at least let Vera know too.
I can confirm that on Thursday I did receive a notification in the morning (FR time, around 10am).

Found this eventually:
everything is fine there… I doubt it, but please let me know.


I first thought it had to do with the Beta Android App I installed last Thursday, but it seems some server update was done too and that broke the in App notifications. I did get a load via email for some reason.

I have reported it in the Beta group.

Cheers Rene


Thanks @reneboer. I was starting to assume that it’s an issue with my setup only. I still don’t understand if the push feature is not used by users or it’s just an isolated issue to a few controllers.

I’ve also seen your post in the other group now, I guess I’ll just wait.

In the meantime I’ve seem to remember Vera Alerts as a plugin. I’ll search to see if that can be used instead.

Hi @hienry_k9, I’m sorry to hear about this.
The first thing I’m noticing is that you’re running an older version of the app but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have got a notification. Maybe our CC team can look into this and find out what happened. Hit the Need Help button up top.

Hi everybody.

I have the same problem at home. Only mail is sent, not the push notification.
One of my customers has told me today, it happens too.

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Sorry Sorin, but I’m no longer upgrading my android app due to the constant crashes that the latest version had. 7.40.346 works good, I disabled upgrade and it’s perfect.
Also I don’t want to go to support for personal reasons.

Coming back to the main issue - it seems that multiple people are affected. You guys are not reproducing the issue i understand?


I have similar issues with push notifications, where users configured to receive notifications in the modes section don’t receive them. I’ve reached out to support and it’s with the devs right now. Pretty much meaning it won’t be fixed on the ‘old’ Vera firmware.

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@Pabla - thanks for confirming.
I’ll make a poll :slight_smile: maybe this will get things moving…

Do your notifications work for Vera? (NOT Ezlo)

  • Yes - Android
  • Yes - iOS
  • No (Android)
  • No (iOS)

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Vera is decaying so rapidly…

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Notifications through Vera Alerts work fine on Android.

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Thanks Tom, I’ll switch to VeraAlerts too - but my poll was actually for the Vera app, I guess It’s my mistake for not making that clear.
That’s where I’m having issues and was hoping to get awareness from the Vera team so that other users won’t suffer too.

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If there’s an issue with the notifications, it will be sorted out for everyone.
As you can see in the poll as well, not everyone is having the issue but the team is trying to pinpoint the possible issue.

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I don’t even know why do I get upset anymore…
Until this morning there were 6 answers, 3 working, 3 not - so 50% miss rate.
While I’m typing this there are 9 answers, 4 working, 5 not - so even more than 50%.
But the official answer is:

This is called disrespect.

If someone can help me, I’d like to rename the post to

Vera notifications work for 50% of the users, which is fine

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Sorin, there IS an issue with notifications. One small poll does not account for all users. Also my notifications issue is only related to house modes. Regular notifications separate from house modes are working fine.

I have edited the title as you asked.
I am one of the lucky 50%, I did vote


@pabla, I’ve been following this topic, but don’t quite know what to test on my end. Can you please provide step-by-step instructions so I can chime in with how my Vera behaves??

Thank you @ElCid.
@Pabla or others - can you simply arm a security sensor and then see if you receive a notification?

I actually have a scene that triggers each time when a door opens.
So unarmed sensor as trigger, no device actions and then in the last step select users to be notified (that have notification on).

Oddly enough I’m having this issue with specific users, new or old. To try recreate you can head over to the modes custom configuration. From there configure the users you’d like to test to receive notifications from armed security sensors. From there set your house mode to the desired mode and test for notifs by opening and closing armed zones. In my experience it doesn’t matter what mode I have the notifications set for, some users don’t get them. I have them configured to receive push notifications.

Push notifications are received for all my users, for anything else other than house modes.

I’m trying to test, but get this… even if I try to make menial changes to my User Accounts, I run into the following roadblocks:

  1. Cannot ADD USER because “email address already in use” (even though different from current Vera Plus and Edge; perhaps on old MCV/Vera1 unit?);
  2. Cannot ADD USER because “username already exists” (no, it doesn’t);
  3. Cannot change EMAIL ADDRESS for myself (only User) – “Failed to update”!
    So, can’t tell you what’s broken or where, but it’s frustrating.
    Will continue TRYING to test basic functionality of my Vera for you.

What do you guys have set for your “NOTIFICATIONS LIMITS”?
Mine’s at:
EMAIL = Unlimited
SMS = 2 per day max.
EMAIL/SMS = Unavailable

FYI, separately, my __ Seconds to Wait when changing House Mode is set to 10 s.

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