vera not primary, any way to force it?

This is wierd (or I am just getting old). I am on UI4 1.1.1183 vera2. Normally in the past to pair a device I would tap the z-wave button. The z-wave light would blink and I could see the device being discovered in the gui. Today I went to add a wall plug module and when I press the z-wave button nothing happens. If I try again, the z-wave light goes out, and eventually comes back on. No luck with finding device.

Tried the wizard and it just gives me the spinning clock and tells me to wait… well after 10 minutes I figure I have waited long enough. Again, the zwave light does not blink during this either.

Same for exclude mode… hold z-wave for 5 seconds and it should blink fast… it doesn’t.

…we are all getting old… :wink:

Already tried a reboot ?

yeah… full poweroff, wait, powerup.

at the most sometimes the zwave will go out when I tap the button, gui will say “configuring zwave devices” light back on. Nothing added. To me its not going into include/exclude mode at all. Yet the gui seems to think that it has sometimes.

Looks like it sees the button…

2011-03-27_11:16:32 - zwave - pressed - 223
2011-03-27_11:16:32 - zwave - released - 0
2011-03-27_11:18:22 - zwave - pressed - 109
2011-03-27_11:18:22 - zwave - released - 0

…even if my question seems unrelated at the moment, what is the device you are trying to pair ?

GE/Jasco 45604 outdoor module

Hey… in tool box, zwave device, options…

Role Slave SIS:NO PRI:NO is this right???

I have access to another vera (at another house) and it shows SIS:YES

What is SIS? is this my problem?

More than likely that is the issue.
It would appear that you have another device wthin your system that is now PRI which is probably also the SIS controller.
SIS = Static Id Server. It’s what assigns the Node ID to devices on inclusion.


crap… the only thing that would be like that would be a GE ‘remote’ that I set up months ago but never used… wanted to use it to control thermostat but never got too far. You mean that thing took over?

If so I will pull that out of the system. Would be nice if vera popped up an error stating why it refuses to inc/exc devices.

No No, do not remove the remote from the system! That will NOT put Vera back to PRI.

If you remove the remote from the system you will not be able to get Vera back to PRI unless you have the right tools and presumably will no longer have a SIS device to include devices…

You need to controller shift PRI back to Vera from the remote. (assuming the remote is the PRI to begin with)


Considering everything else is thermostat, hsm100, simple wall switches or plug in modules… its gotta be that. I just found the remote, told it to shift, it said transmitting
but not looking good…

vera has the scene controller showing but doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

topic change: vera not primary

looks like its the ge 45601… Have followed directions on how to shift/transfer primary back to vera… still no luck. Any one know of a way to force this?

Besides factory default and adding everything … if thats the case is there some way
I can save off part of the devices/scenes, factory reset and recover without the ge 45601?

okay… I ended up losing my devices while trying to take over as primary. Scenes stayed. Restoring from backup didn’t bring devs back… prob cause backup was done when vera was secondary. Will keep me busy this afternoon re-adding everything.

Lesson learned: Make MORE backups next time and document them!

This is quite disturbing, as it is exactly what has happened to me as well, word for
word. Same GE 45601 remote, same bizarre symptoms of not being able to add new real devices, same error message of vera no longer being primary.

Havent got to trying to unpair it yet, not feeling optimistic.

Anybody else discovered this anomaly ?

depends on how you paired the remote…what steps did you take? the remote must be in RECEIVE MODE- in the transfer menu. If not, this could definitely cause an issue. I’ve got one of these and never had this issue with it, I always pair it as a secondary controller

i actually followed instructions for pairing the remote, and
had it in receive mode. It actually was functioning as a secondary
for a while, but has since hijacked primary.

I am noticing that when i delete a device in vera, i get a new instance
of _scene_controller appearing.
I removed an ip camera and now have 3 scene controllers listed in
the device dropdowns, and two that appear in the devices tab, none
of which i can remove.

Noticed a whole lot of null_pointer errors when initially removing
the camera, which then morphed into this ghost scene controller.

What version are you running? (answered in your last post) Most recent version.
I’m assuming you deleted the scene_controller?
Did you delete the device using the trash can?

Try a CTRL F5 for starters…But I have the same issue with ghost devices on one of my units…
Seems the remove dead device is not working 100%…


Yes, thank you JOD.
Have been clicking on trashcans and refreshing left right and center.
Gets rid of the odd ghost, but obviously cant remove the offending hijacking one.

Will see what happens when i delete some other devices once
i have written out my network and scene topology.
Will see if it replicates the scene_controller after device delete …

Would love a human readable config export in txt / xml …

Ok, so i dumped another device into the trashcan, this time a lightbase controller,
(open device config, press on trashcan, yes, i want to delete this device) - lo and behond, device dissapears from room and scene, but a blank “appliance_module”, with new device ID has appeard in my devices tab …