Vera Master-Slave Prevent State Variable Replication

I currently have two Veras that are “Bridged” together via a Master-Slave relationship. I have developed my own Vera Application and installed it on the “Slave”. The application replicates it to the master, which is what I want it to do. However, I want to prevent these devices that is shared on both controllers to not pass one (1) state variable to one another. I do want the to share the other variables that were created.

For example, the application is created on one controller (“Slave”) and is replicated to the other (“Master”). They both sync all state variable information to one another automatically. On the “Master” controller, I want to set one of the application state variables to a value and I DO NOT WANT THAT ONE STATE VARIABLE TO REPLICATE TO THE “SLAVE.” Is this possible to do from either LUA/LUUP or from the “stateVariable” declarations in the "S_*.xml file?

Thank you for your help.