Vera (Luup) Control of Denon A/V receiver over serial/ethernet

I would but I don’t have access to it right now! If you want take a look at the files posted by zoot1612. I did the same thing as him which is basically start from guessed’s onkyo plugin.

The only big issue with zoot’s code is he doesn’t toggle mute. That is a pretty simple fix which I have made. Otherwise I’ve just added some more commands.

Okay, so I have played with Zoot’s code. I have it working, but I have alot of changes I would like to make. However, I don’t want to step on any toes or re-write any code. I also want to check in my work into a revision control system.

guessed has made some more mods to the Onkyo code that I would like to integrate. I would also like to create a generic state template for audio receivers.

So, how should I proceed? radarengineer owns the repository. Can I be added to it? Right now, nothing is set up for it or the wiki.

Attach it and we can discuss, we’re all evolving our “idea” of what we want to do so it won’t be any harm (and I don’t think you’ll tread on any toes…)

If @radarengineer gives me the ok, I can add you to the SVN. I have full admin rights there and create spaces (etc) if you want to build out some more core/shared UPnP libs (etc)… although UPnP reg isn’t working as it should, if I understand the issues @Ap15e has indicated…

dfad1469, I gave you permissions for the Denon repository last week. I am VERY happy for any and all help! If you have ideas on how to improve things that is terrific. Go ahead and check in anything you want. I have also been looking at guessed’s code and I would like to incorporate those changes as well.

I can’t find the repository. When I go to its not listed on the dashboard. Where is it?

I think you should be able to see it now?

I got a confirmation PM from him this evening.

I added a bunch of extra settings to your Trac space, along with enabling his account, but it’s not setup as “public” just yet so the auth’d folks have to login first.


Have you had any more luck messing with this? I have been going through the Sompy Plugin Walkthrough to learn more about controlling child devices:

This probably isn’t too much effort, but I just haven’t had a chance to flush out all the code yet.

Funny you should mention that. I am taking a bit of time off from work starting today and I had just opened the text editor to work on it. Hopefully, I will post something in the next day or two.

I have the code to create child devices and have created a zone device. I have started to divide the code up among the zone and receiver states.

I have also written the code to receive updates from the receiver. I have about 2 hours more of work to get this to a releasable state.

That is terrific! It sounds like you have been really working hard on this. Do you have code to handle the mute toggle yet? I can post that portion of my code or add it to what you have once it is up. I suppose if you check for mute status when you first connect to the Denon you don’t have to query on each mute request…

I have been swamped at work for the past few weeks and so I haven’t had a chance to really touch this.

Hi all
Had a play with the Denon 3800 plugin I have sitting here thought it would be good time to get access to the repository. Who can do that for me?



I’ve created you a account, and sent you a PM with the details of that.

@radarengineer and @dfad1469 are both approvers/admin for that space, so they should be able to add your account.

I have given you read/write access.

I have some code, but nothing working. I keep getting pulled away for work.

Good luck. I have AVR Control Protocol Spec if you need it.

@radarengineer / @dfad1469

Is there any code loaded onto TRAC yet? Currently I can’t see anything when logged in.


Currently there’s nothing in this project’s repository.

Hi all
Uploaded code, very rough but something to start from if anyone wants to play.



That is terrific! I have quite a bit of new code to add that just needs to be tested a bit more, but I’m out of town for a week or so.

The big thing we need to get going is child devices for extra zones and then handling inputs for the newer denons. They have a lot of inputs!

By any chance has anyone discovered a command that returns the zone names from a Denon AVR. I have searched high and low but no luck.

By the way in that process I discovered the command for getting the model number “SYMO”. Also my code has changed substantially but have not uploaded to TRAC as I want to get it to a certain point.

Currently it supports.
Automatic naming of main zone (courtesy of SYMO)
Automatic creation of children (Currently for 3808).
Handling of basic messages from all zones e.g. volume, source and power (needs some tweaking.)

My next focus will be handling of basic commands sent to all zones, but due to my lack of understanding of LUA, LUUP and all the other bits and pieces it is a slow process.




I don’t know a command to get that info, but I do know a hack that will return it over the network link. If you load this page: http:///ZONERENAME/f_zonerename.asp

Then in addition to returning the page the Denon will print out the following to the telnet interface:


Where the text after R1-R3 is the name of the zones. Not perfect… but as much as I could figure out. So basically we just need to issue an http get in Vera to pull the zone names.

I don’t know if you have a copy of Command3808 ( - /Command3808/Current/) but there are some other unlisted commands available in that program if you watch the log. There was a post in the CharmedQuark forums that listed a lot of them (

SSFUN ? - Source names
SSSPC ? - info about speaker settings
SSSOD ? - Source status
PSCHN ? - speaker channel info ??

SSINFAISSIG ? - audio input signal (analog, pcm, etc.)
– 01 = analog
– 03 = dolby digital

SSTPN ? - preset info (tuner)
SSXPN ? - preset info (XM)

I didn’t realize anyone else was working on this. I’ve been meaning to get back to this plugin but have been busy with other things and didn’t think anyone else was all that interested. I’m very eager to help though now that I know there is that interest. I think I could pretty easily patch up sending commands to the different zones once you post your code, I do that for my mochad plugin.


Will try to upload tonight if I can get it into decent enough state.

Hopefully I am not reinventing the wheel.