Vera Login management

I suspect this one may be one for MCV.

I have created a second login account for my Vera. The intention is that when I am away my brother will use this account to monitor my house. When I return I would like the ability to simply disable that account. I would prefer not to have to keep changing passwords, a pain for me and my brother, but would like to simply use a virtual ‘Occupied’ switch that when switched to ‘Occupied’ would disable the second login, switch off simulated occupancy etc. and the reverse when set to ‘Unoccupied’.

Any ideas?

You could change his account to being Notification only via Accounts > Other Users. Otherwise you’d have to delete and re-add each time as far as I am aware.

I had a look at Accounts Other Users but I couldn’t see how to change the privilege level of an existing user?

I gather you have created an account for your brother and added him to your unit.
When your in the tab on the right side it should display as per attached.
You must be set up as an administrator of your system to change rights.

I have managed to change the access level of the second account but it must be done by first deleting the account and re-adding it with the new access level. Ideally, I would do this programmatically but I assume this is not possible.

There is a number of different issues related to Vera security and I cannot answer your question.

3rd party apps connected locally negate this setting. So it maybe better to delete and add on an as required basis.