Vera Lite (UI5) with Envisalink3

Hello All,
I am having issues with connecting my Vera Lite to my security system.

Current system settings:

Vista 10p with 6148 Fixed keypad and EVL-3 installed:
ip: (can log in locally and remotely to arm/disarm, etc.)
user name and password: default settings (user/user)

Vera Lite: (f/w 1.5.408 ) with the DSC alarm plug in and following settings:
InterfaceType: 2DS
DoorZones: 1,2 (default setup when plug is installed)
MotionZones: 3,4,5,6 (default setup when plug is installed)
EnableRemoteArm: arm
EnableRemotePanic: false
EnableManualLabels: false

That is as far as I can get (other that the IP and Enable remote Arm, these are the default settings). The panel doesn’t seem to respond to anything from the Vera Web page. I have trolled as much information as I can possibly find on this setup (still new with MCV though) and haven’t been able to get these talking to each other.

Any help is appreciated.

I do not think that the DSC plugin is compatible with the Vista 10p and EVL-3. It will only work with the DSC alarm panels.

  • Garrett

Well that is a shame. Figured since the EVL-3 is able to interface to the DSC and the Vista panels this plugin would work since the veralite interfaces to the EVL-3.

I think Garrett is right, for the ademco vista 10p you’ll need the AD2USB adapter from nutech and the honeywell ademco vista AD2USB plugin in the app store.

here is the wiki

here is the sub fourm with a lot of information,46.0.html],46.0.html],46.0.html

The EVL-3 is just a bridge/protocol-gateway into the respective alarm system bus. The language spoken on those busses can be completely different when connected to a DSC vs a Vista.

I imagine the EVL-3 “Ademco” could be adapted into, or forked from one of, the existing Ademco Plugins but you’d need to talk to their respective owners.

You can see the sort of thing it emits in posts like this one:

Thanks guys for the reply. I wish I had more time to sit and figure this interface out, especially with the EVL-3 TPI document available but for now I will just control my alarm from their web page interface.

Just changed out the Vista 10P for a DSC (with Evl3) Linked it to my NEST thermostat. When I arm the system it puts Nest in away mode and when disarmed puts Nest in home mode. …sweet!