Vera lite strang behaviour

Since the week before my Vera lite is acting strangly, I did not change settings in that period. Restarts does not help, eventually I reloaded a backup from the week before, but no success.
What happens:
It began with a Greenwave switch (6 items can be controlled) that did not respond to actiond (programmed or not).
I exluded and included it several times, than it worked for a few hours and next day, broken.

On my computer with IE Chrome or edge I can click on the device tab in the webportal of the Vera, then nothing happens. WHen I press reload it reslponds with ?undefined action?. When I press it again I get a strange screen with icons missing (like the wrenge)
On my tablet on the other hand (also W10) I can change what I want so it looks its something on my PC (all browsers), internet histrory reset.
On my Phone it works ok.
Logging in on the site (from a remote site) via de site Login I can’t login, keeps on turning, checking credentials…

What do you advise