Vera Lite Sensor problems

I am abit new to Vera Lite and recently I seem to have encountered a problem when configuring two of my sensors one being a door/window sensor the other a motion/light sensor. I get the message that they’re going to configure during next wake up interval. I change the wake up interval to something like 10 seconds and they still havent configured. Force configuring ends in an error message popping up saying that that it cant contact the node or something like that. I placed both sensors right beside the Vera lite but to no avail.

If these are battery-operated devices, you need to wake them up manually to complete the configuration. Most such devices have a button somewhere - maybe inside the battery cover - that will wake them for a short while. Sometimes you need to click the button twice or three times. This should be in the product instructions.

Usually the quickest way to get things synchronised is to click the configure node right now button on the devices Settings tab and then immediately click the wake-up button on the device. You may need to repeat the wake-up if the configuration didn’t finish before the device went back to sleep.