Vera Lite + RFXCOM USB not working.

Vera Lite firmware 1.5.622 en. 2 days old. A USB key is recognized when plugged on Vera, so USB port is working.
RFXCOM USB firmware 67, recognized by PC with RFXmngr. 2 days old. So module and USB cable are both working.
Files installed on Vera from :
Module is created but displaying in red “LUA Startup Failure”. Box rebooted several times (unplugged), no change. Nothing happens when RFX module is plugged, no LED powered (LED turns red then orange then off when module is connected to PC).
Setup page is displaying : “RFXtrx : Choose the Serial Port”
But Serial Port configuration page is blank :
If you connected the USB/serial device and it’s not displayed here, reload Luup.
Not available.

Reboot does nothing. Yet I read this module could work with this box. So what ???

Box resetted several times to factory defaults, several tries, no change.
When I ask for a reboot in menu “Setup/Network&Wifi”, no LED is blinking. I have to hit the reload button. is it normal ?

Some logs available here :

The RFXCom works for me, although I do not associate the steps you have to take with “out of the box”. I followed an old link and installed alpha8, but I don’t think that would make a real difference. The serial port page is Mios generic, I believe, so even without the “drivers” it would show? (haven’t tested this though).
This is what I used to install: (but I’m sure you found that already)

RFXtrx and RFXCOM are 2 different things try not to mix them up. RFXCOM is the company that makes the RFXtrx and many other transceiver products. Unfortunately there is a VERA plugin called RFXCOM that supports the RFXLAN trasceiver only.

The USB RFXtrx Transciever Plugin is for the USB RFXtrx Transceiver only.

I use the beta1 version of the USB RFXtrx Transciever Plugin with firmware version 67 of the RFXtrx433. No issues.

Did you have any issues with step 6 from the quick start guide that Vinx posted?

Installed beta1, no difference, still works.