Vera Lite.. Problems

I started out with a Vera Lite a year and a half ago… I loved it… started slow couple lamp modules a door lock then dimmers for the house gargage door sensors ,cameras and leviton scene controllers… All was going well then I bought a Insteon 4 in one sensor… could not get it to work… opened ticket the Tech staff was great… we did a firmware update and it works… Then I ordered some insteon stuff… Opened tech supports tickets they attempted to help but finally gave up… I then purchased a leviton RS232 device and a touch screen controller… did not work couldnt get the leviton device to talk to vera lite… Tech support tried no luck… The system has slowed way down in the last 3 months press a button on the scene controller and it might take 30 seconds to turn on or off all the lights… Called tech support run a repair on the network that will fix it… Nope made it worse… Then I just purchased a VistaCam PT its vera branded… take it out of the box and it works… Nope I spent two hours trying to get it to work… no go… there is no manual no nothing on the web just the one sheet that came with it… I’m very frustrated… Does any one have a Vistacam working?? is the slow operation normal ?


No, the slow operation is not normal. If hou have vera lite there is a limit to the amount of devices but i am not sure if you have many.

I have seen more posts on this.

I would reinstall from scratch again and connect your devices one by one . Normally the vera is stable. I have mine also running for some two years i guess…

Thanks for the reply… I have 50 items connected… Including dimmers, switches, door sensors, scene controllers, thermostats… is the Vera 3 faster or more robust… I thought the only difference was the Vera 3 had a wireless router built in…

The vera 3 has more internal memory.
Maybe you are hitting the limits of your system. There are some posts, also recent ones, on the forum that may help you.