Vera Lite control of UK Combi Boiler

Morning Guys. I have a Vera Lite with an RFXCom in the UK, currently used to switch my LightwaveRF lighting.

I would like to also take control of heating.

I currently have a HoneyWell Logic Combi 35 boiler and a Honeywell CM707 thermostat. The Thermostat to Boiler switching is volt free, with the thermostat being battery powered.

I am finding it hard to find a solution that is Z-Wave compatible to replace the thermostat. Most of the systems want a Z-Wave reciever at the boiler, and then a Z-Wave transmitting thermostat.

Does anyone know of a viable solution that could replace my volt free switching thermostat with something that is Vera Lite compatible?

I have been looking at the Heatmiser DT-TS WiFi - WiFi Enabled Touchscreen Thermostat which will do the job but i don’t know about compatibility with the Vera Lite.



I have 2 heatmiser PRT-TS WiFi’s and am using it happily with a plugin on the Vera. I believe the difference between DT-TS and PRT-TS is that the PRT-TS allows for 7 days programming, and the DT-TS doesn’t. The internal WiFi workings and protocol are the same, so therefore those should be supported by the plugin too.

Fantastic. Cheers. What functionality do you get through Vera. Do you use a common app to control your heating along with everything else? Will be using an android app to control heating and lighting hopefully.

I’ll order one now.

You can set temperature and hold time, and a few other things. We tend to use local control, or the iOS/Android app from Heatmiser themselfes, although the Android app Authomation (,34.0.html) displays the device, the last time I tried to use it, it crashed, so I haven’t tried since…