Vera Lite 2016 - will I get longer range with Vera Plus?

I have the Vera lite and need more range in a studio on my property. It has a radiant barrier roof and brick wall. It sits about 20 feet to the side and below my main house in the back. Tried moving things around and not happening.

My Vera Lite can reach my front door Schlage without issue. So it is spanning about 60 feet on the same level but can’t seem to get into a lower level area.

Thought of either getting Vera Plus and reposition it to another location so that it can relay via a front area of the studio that is all glass and wood, no brick. Will that make a difference?
Also because that lower studio does not get wifi very well, I was thinking to use powerline internet and a TP Link access point. Then I read that Vera is an access point.

Can anyone more knowledgeable give me an idea of how to solve these issues and if upgrading to another hub will help me.

Hello mayalaroo,

You may get the Vera Plus and bridge it with Vera Lite. Basically, you will create two Z-wave networks, having for instance, the Vera Plus in the lower studio, the Vera Plus can be set up to run on the wireless network (under Settings>Net&Wi-fi menu there would the option, but note the unit has to be wired for the first setup), and adding on it the devices Vera Lite cannot reach.

In this way the range issues will be solved for the good.

Let me know if you have further questions,