Vera issues and alternatives testing for zwave

Ha! Yeah I wish but my biggest energy barrier is migration and I have gotten the vera to now be up for days at a time. I think I know the source of that reload and remedied it. Let’s see where this goes.[/quote]

I will say that migrating to HS is surprisingly fast. The device enrollment process takes much less time and their dense gui uses cascading menus to build rules for events. It goes quite fast.[/quote]

Quite. Function over form. I’ve been running HS in production for about a month now. I first tried to run it on Linux in a virtual machine but that was not a good idea. So I repurposed a Dell 3040 micro and it is solid as a rock with two Aeotec sticks.

I feel I’m using a real application rather than a toy. HS comes from a time before everyone started to think everything has to center around a phone app. That may well be its biggest strength.

This is about automation, not walking around with a phone turning on and off lights.

This gets my vote for the most important concept for this budding industry to embrace.

This gets my vote for the most important concept for this budding industry to embrace.[/quote]

Home Automation, Not Home remote control.

After 5 days of testing all on the same network this is my evaluation result of the different platforms. Pretty sad that one year down the road vera has not evolved much. Vera is dead last due to stability…
Obviously if you don’t care for zigbee you end up with HomeSeer being the best controller. If you do, it’s a toss between Hubitat and Home Assistant.

There is a huge opportunity to get stability up to 80-90% by

  1. Disabling nightly heal
  2. Extroot
  3. Disabling mios server bonding and disabling automated reload in the luup engine.

All of which have been discussed for some time. Some even for years.

There is also an opportunity to get the UI/learning curve to 60-70% by deleting all the luup engine code which deletes child devices and replacing it with a mix of child device matching or user input assignment.

Note that the potential changes have been requested and are mostly about deleting code. Not adding functionality.