Vera in Bridge mode


I currently have 1 Vera-1 system and I would like to setup a second Vera in Bridge mode in order to be able to control the z-wave devices I can’t include my network due to distance.

Can I bridge a Vera-1 with a Vera-2? Both systems will be wired to the same wired network and these Veras won’t be able to communicate wirelessly (range issues).


Would using some inexpensive appliance modules to extend your distance be easier???

My current Vera is located in my main house and the devices I would like to control are located in a guest house about 150’ from the main house. I do have few outdoor plugin modules between the two houses wherever I have power outlets but my Vera continues to have trouble controlling the devices in the guest house so I was hoping that I can find a solution that would allow my Vera to control the devices in the guest house which is connected to the same network as the main house.

I hope this clarifies my problem

You can add a second Vera in your guest house and “bridge” it to the main one. The devices in your guest house would be added to this second Vera. In your main Vera you will be able to “see” the second Vera AND their devices as it were locally connected. So, your scenes could be set up centrally in your main Vera.

Thank you for your reply. Do you know if the bridging between the second Vera in the guest house and my main vera can happen over the LAN or does it require Z-Wave connectivity between the two Veras?

You could just use two GE Outdoor Modules that should do the trick. The range is over 500 feet outdoors. Availble until their inventory runs out at for $9.97 each. Those are $50.00 modules. I just ordered another 8… :wink: They are built VERY well to handle the abuse of weather.

I do have one of these GE modules about 75 feet from where the switches are in the guest house and this still doesn’t work. I am able to control the GE module which is placed outdoors but I am not able to control the z-wave devices inside my guest house.

Indeed, the bridge of 2 veras has to be over the LAN

I would add another one outside the guest house. That way you have two of them communicating outdoors. Then the one at the guest house is close enought to the rest of the Z-Wave switches inside.

[quote=“computerjohn, post:9, topic:167680”]I would add another one outside the guest house. That way you have two of them communicating outdoors. Then the one at the guest house is close enought to the rest of the Z-Wave switches inside.

Bear in mind that z-wave only allows 4 hops between controller and farthest device and you’re using 2 of them in the outdoors bridge. So, depending on the size of your guest house it’s possible you cannot reach all of them

That’s a good point. I may be already using 1 or 2 hops to get to the one that is 75’ from the gust house so I will likely run into this limitation.

I am using a Vera 1 in the main house, will I be able use a Vera 2 in the guest house?

Amazing coincidence. I have the EXACT same problem and have been struggling to figure out the solution for the past 48 hours. I cannot get anything to configure on the guest house. I am going to try to reposition the vera unit near the back of the house and see if the GE outdoor switch will then work with a single hop (after a heal). If not, I think a second vera may be the only solution. Please let us know if this works.

I have a cabin 150’ from my house and found that I quickly exceeded the hop limitations. I ended up putting a 3/4" conduit underground between the two and ran a cat6e Ethernet cable between the two Veras. Once the two were connected I now have the cabin devices showing up on my house Vera and my house Vera can include any cabin device in its scenes. It took some work putting the conduit in but I find it was well worth the time. An extra bonus is now the Vera in the cabin has its own WiFi supplied through the Ethernet connection.

That’s one way to do it… I agree not the easiest. Here’s an idea thought of over 9 years ago & didn’t even dawn on me until JimMac posted, thanks… :wink: I have a customer that needed internet from her home to her office that is 600’ away. She at the time could not get highspeed internet do to it was not available at the office. Here is the solution I came up with. I installed two WAP (wireless access points) to communicate with each other using outdoor antennas. The trick is to have a clean line of sight, to avoid leaves on tree come Spring. I installed this over 9 years ago & still working til this day. I did install lightning protection, but not always needed. Also, you may be able to get away without external antennas if it’s close enough or broadcasting out a window. Now you can connect the second Vera.