Vera hardware not working with EZLO hubs

I just don"t understand why Vera hardware(vistacam 700) dont work with EZLO hubs?
It sure seems that when you build something new that you would be able to use the equipment that you already have.
Says works with over 27000 devices.
Is this a way to make customers purchase all new equipment?
I cant even purchase a VERA hub to work with my current equipment.
I am so confused, please help.

we have been building a whole new “Camera capability”…

There are many different manufacturers of cameras and they all have their own way of working, especially when it comes to audio…

We want our users to be able to use “any” standard camera…So the way we have done this for now is thru ezvidoo. Next stage is to get the IOS/Android app to pull audio/video from ezvidoo (Android does that atm)…

Bottom line is, we want to our users to be able to use “any camera” and we have been building a whole new framework for that.

Thank you for the reply. I guess the point i am trying to make is that the hub should be capable of working with the cameras that your family of companies own before release of hub. JMO
I purchased the EZLO plus hub and have 4 cameras(vistacam 700) that are paper weights.
I have had automated home for several years and been thru 3 companies then went in other directions or something. Been thru 3 hubs now looking for abilities that i had before.
I want to continue to be a EZLO user but if i keep going backwards in the device capability I will have to look in different directions.

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I understand the point.
what I was trying to say was:
First we had to build the framework…Ezvidoo, built seperately…Now that we got it to work, we need to embed EzVidoo into our hub so that hub itself will have all the functionality of the EzVidoo natively inside the hub.
Of course no of cameras it can run, processing etc will all be a function of the processing power available.

For example with Ezvidoo you will be able to do hotzoning, object detection, face detection and so on . (which require computing power). EzVidoo converts any standard ordinary camera to have object/face detection, hotzone capability and so on.

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Wasn’t aware there were plans to add Vidoo functionality onto the hubs themselves.

As you say processing power likely an issue, but I’d be happy not having all the advanced Vidoo features on the hub, if it’s not got enough horsepower, but just to be able to create virtual motion sensors on the hub that trigger based on a cameras motion detection state would be good enough for me.

If you want a full blown NVR then you can’t seriously expect that to be able to run on the Ezlo hubs hardware. Which is why running Vidoo or other software like Blue Iris on a separate machine with enough horsepower and HDD storage to process and record all the camera streams etc.

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The capability to work with “any camera” that Vidoo has that we wanted to put it in hub (not full vidoo).

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I can confirm that i tried Hikvision camera and its working, even the recording is working now unlike on vera, you can record the cameras when there is a security breach or a doorbell event you can record the cameras. Bravo!!!

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Just one question, where the recordings are stored? somewhere on cloud or on the Ezlo Plus?

we want to give the abilities to store both locally as well as the cloud. Our philosophy is whatever can be done locally should be done locally. The whole fra

I will ask our guys to answer your specific question though.

Would be fine, if the recordings can be stored on a NAS.

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Ok at this point I am looking for something that will work with vistacam 700, Centralite pearl thermostat, XHS2-SE door window sensors, centralite plug, and if possible iCamera 1000. This stuff i have had for long time and see no reason to replace.
I thought when i purchased the Ezlo hub this would give me at least the capability to run the Vistacam, Centralite pearl, Centralite plugs, and XHS2-SE sensors.
At this point I can do the XHS2-SE sensors, centralite plug and thermostat. I need cameras to work with the system or it is just not up to par with what I have had in the past and I need direction to get where i was once at with home automation/security. Nor do I have interest in expanding if the stuff i have now cant work.
Please help,

@Shagger Hi, I am Benjamin from the Integration team. We are checking the devices you have listed above “vistacam 700, Centralite pearl thermostat, XHS2-SE door window sensors, centralite plug, and if possible iCamera 1000” please allow us some time and get back to you.

I see that “Sercomm XHS2-SE Door/Window” not available in the marketplace anymore but this one i think is the similar one.

Hi There,

We just ordered and waiting for delivery

  • Centralite pearl thermostat
  • Centralite plug,
  • iCamera 1000

BTW, we are working on Vistacam integration and it will be announced soon.

allow us some time to get the device in our development facility and update you asap.

Ezlo Support Team

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Pretty sure you will see Ezlo introduce full support for the Vistacam 700, as the company has repeatedly promised that they intend to integrate any product still being sold which customers request. They are still selling the Vistacam 700 (, ergo it’s safe to assume their intention is to include this camera on the ezlo hubs.

Still no ability to use Vera cams with Ezlo hub. So pissed. I need to go in different direction.
Does anyone want to buy a EZLO hub?

Hello @Shagger,
Since the previous firmware upgrade, the option to add generic IP cameras has been included in Ezlo controllers. It is not completely official yet but with this tool, you should be able to add most VistaCams. We invite you to give it a try and let us know at if you have any inconveniences.
Kind regards!

Plus, VistaCams just went on sale dirt cheap over the holidays. I’ll be interested to hear whether you ever get yours working with the new hub.

I had time over the holiday weekend to work on this and it was not a good experience. I have sent EZLO support an email discussing the issues and waiting on reply.

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