Vera extroot

nice ill give it a go soon

From here thereon I will be posting the extroot scripts on github:

Will also be editing the first post to add this.

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I’ve previously upgraded to 1.7.4833 (7.30) using your (earlier) script, I guess the one that didn’t upgrade the kernel.

So are all these steps required (especially the unplugging of SSD part), or would it be enough to do Vera firmware upgrade and run the new script? Also, are all these steps required in every (future) upgrade going forward?

It is better to do this:

  1. backup
  2. remove ssd and reboot
  3. upgrade to 7.31 (with factory reset option)
  4. extroot with the new script
  5. restore your backup

Want to make sure that you are not upgrading the ssd but the vera’s internal drive.

I updated my Vera Secure (that was extrooted) with the ssd connected. After the update I had to run the script once again. That worked just fine. Back on track. So in my case the connected ssd didn’t cause any problems.
Since I extrooted my Vera, it seem to be much more reliable, faster and almost without glitches (which was common before the extroot). So I’m very greatful for all the support you @rafale77 and @rigpapa has provided us. Without the two of you, I and a lot more people would be long gone by now. So I just want to thank you both for staying, putting in the time and energy without being on Veras payroll. That’s just phenomenal! Have a great day! Over and out. /Fanan


maybe ill test this one

By now, I’m sure all of you heard that @rafale77 was permanently banned from the Forum. Find him over on these days.


Due to a failure of the onboard z-wave chip - I’m having to run one of my VeraPlus controllers with an external usb z-wave one.

I’m guessing not many people are doing that, but with that said - does anyone anticipated any problems extroot’ing my Vera ?

External UZB…No problems.
It opens up a whole new world being able to use an external device, some improvements are:

  • Less noise from the board.
  • Better radiation pattern
  • Allows use of a powered USB to improve power output.
  • Simple to configure.

X’rooting is another problem left to the experts.


Many thanks for responding, my question was actually more around having an external USB zwave controller and adding an external SSD (via USB) to do the exrooting ?

Will that combo create any issues ? Im obviously going to need a USB hub to do it etc ?

Also regarding …

Are you suggesting exrooting a Vera is not an easy thing to do ?

Everything is easy second time around. I’ve never done it so I can’t comment.
The experts who are best able to answer your questions have been banned from the forum.

They use different COM Ports so there won’t be any foreseeable problems. You will need a powered USB Hub for best results and be prepared to play around with the Port settings if it doesn’t work first time.

edit: I’m not sure how you edit the config file in Vera, if it’s like a RasPi then it’s straightforward. As wrote above the people who can help you aren’t welcome on this forum and you need to search elsewhere.