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I should have clarified that extrooting on 7.30 seems to have issues. I will wait for @rafele77’s updated scripts, should he decide to create them. I also understand that he has asked the Vera developers to add extroot as a built-in option (which would be an excellent idea) so I expect this to be possible one way or another. For me, since I already have the SSD, using a larger drive with all the attendant benefits is a no-brainer.

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Well, as I also have SSD, I’d like to continue to use it if there’s even a small benefit

Alright you win… :wink:
I spent some time fiddling around and managed to get extroot working again. The kernel downgrade on this firmware has made things a little tricky. Stay tuned. I will have a script ready after more testing in the next few days. I will pivot only the overlay partition this time which should make the script work also on the vera edge.

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs 10.6M 1.3M 9.4M 12% /
/dev/root 8.0M 8.0M 0 100% /rom
tmpfs 124.3M 196.0K 124.2M 0% /tmp
/dev/mtdblock7 58.1G 2.2G 52.9G 4% /overlay
overlayfs:/overlay 10.6M 1.3M 9.4M 12% /
tmpfs 512.0K 0 512.0K 0% /dev
/dev/sda1 487.8M 16.7M 441.6M 4% /tmp/log/cmh
/dev/sda2 58.1G 2.2G 52.9G 4% /overlay
/dev/mtdblock10 50.0M 20.0M 30.0M 40% /storage
/dev/mtdblock10 50.0M 20.0M 30.0M 40% /etc/cmh-firmware
/dev/mtdblock10 50.0M 20.0M 30.0M 40% /etc/cmh-backup
/dev/mtdblock9 9.8M 9.8M 0 100% /mios
/dev/mtdblock10 50.0M 20.0M 30.0M 40% /etc/cmh-ludl
/dev/mtdblock11 19.3M 1.0M 18.2M 5% /ezmi
/dev/mtdblock11 19.3M 1.0M 18.2M 5% /etc/cmh


Even if I’m not in The mood of investing other money on Vera hardware, I do understand they need to sell, and I think they should package a usb-2-m2 adapter with an SSD and sell it with extroot giving rafele77 the right credits

I think that they should package it all into a RasPi…

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This would not work. The vera is not arm based.
Heads up. The beta 7.30 firmware is indeed blocking extroot. The main reason behind it appears to me that the numerous workarounds to better utilize the onboard flash is neutralizing the ability for the kernel to pivot the root file system. As a workaround, I am actually going to create a firmware upgrade script which will upgrade you to the beta firmware while still extrooted. So the best way to go around this is to downgrade to 7.29, extroot with the previous extroot script and then run this new script I am working on to upgrade to 7.30 beta. This will take a little longer than I thought as it is a bit more complicated but in a way will make your vera upgrade process much more similar to what I am doing with my emulator. You will therefore not use the UI firmware upgrade feature which runs a different script.

Wonderful work.

What about those on Exroot, that have not updated at all yet? I assume we can still use the script you are creating?



Yes it should work. Unfortunately I am struggling with the downgrade at the moment so people who want to keep extroot, please do not upgrade to the beta quite yet. Once upgraded, the new storage partitioning can’t be reverted at the moment.

I think I found a solution… It will not be a full extroot but will serve to move all of the frequently written and overwritten user files to be run and loaded from the ssd.
See the attached script below. This assumes that you upgraded your vera to 7.30 beta, plugged in your SSD and already set up USB logging. Upload the .sh file, make it executable (chmod +x and execute the script ./ (1.0 KB)

OK tracked down the original thread and script, thanks.


Please find enclosed two new scripts for the vera plus for those who are extrooted on 7.29.

  1. A new enhanced extroot script for 7.29
  2. Once extrooted, (no need to run it again if you already are extrooted), run the upgrade script. It will upgrade your external drive to the new 7.30 firmware build 4833 without the kernel mods!
    Note that your network settings will be reset to DHCP (I have not had the time to go fix that) so you may get a new IP address.

The magic of this upgrade is that unplugging the USB drive and rebooting will take you back to 7.29. :scream:

Reminder of why you would want to upgrade: Zwave Network On Vera Explained

Update: Successfully created the same functionality for the vera edge. For the vera secure, you could try the veraplus version. (1.5 KB) (2.4 KB)


so we have to go back to 7.29 first correct?

You have to have never upgraded. The downgrade fails to downgrade the kernel and will not allow you to pivot. As noted, it assumes that you are on 7.29

ok ill reflash this weekend, safe to say this is exactly how future firmware should be implemented. a stable firmware and extrooted overlay / firmware update so if things go wrong. we just unplug the hard drive and go back to the stable version. Excellent job. Support should really look to implement extroot into the firmware for massive systems

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Next up: I will give a shot to making it work on the vera edge. I think I found a way to workaround the memory limitation.


Agree…They would save alot of supporttime with a native exroot = earn money…

Oooh, I’m tempted. But rather scared!


Well the edge also appears to have gotten some kernel changes preventing extroot from working… This is frustrating. I may need to downgrade the kernel again to start from 7.29 and then follow the same process of first extrooting on 7.29 and then upgrade only the drive to 7.30. Stay tuned…



wget: not an http or ftp url:

mounting squashfs

mount: mounting mt7621_Luup_ui7-1.7.4833-en-mios.squashfs on /mnt/tmpfw failed: No such file or directory

copying firmware files over to USB drive

cp: can’t stat ‘/mnt/tmpfw/*’: No such file or directory

umount: can’t umount /mnt/tmpfw: Invalid argument

rm: /mnt/tmpfw: is a directory

rm: can’t remove ‘mt7621_Luup_ui7-1.7.4833-en-mios.squashfs’: No such file or directory

Reboot? n


Hope I’m not screwed now :slight_smile:

I’ll hold off rebooting.



No it did nothing. It looks like I uploaded the wrong file. Let me send you another one.

Sorry about this. Please delete the previous file and try this one. I indeed uploaded the wrong file.

Never a need to apologise! I was only teasing that I thought I was scuppered :wink:

PS are you updating the link or attaching new? It seems unchanged? Thanks again!


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