Vera extroot

Yeah I noticed that I posted a version of the script which was not the one I tested. This last one should be all good now. There is also no chance for it to brick your vera… it only edits the fstab from your main drive which defaults back to the original onboard root if it fails.

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Dunno what it was doing.

Anything I can test while I’m here? Make sure it’s all taken (although sure it has)



Try including devices if you can, As others reported that this build has some issues with it. Also with this mix of kernal and network monitor, I don’t know if the Xmas light mode is still a problem at reboot. I have not yet observed it in the short while I have run it and I did try quite a few reboots. Your firmware check page should tell you that you are on 7.30(4833) correct?

Checking if there is a newer firmware version available

You are running the latest version 1.7.4833 (7.30)

Typically my power is very stable, so reboots hopefully will be few and far.

I have (I hope) a load of stuff arriving tomorrow, so there will be inclusion (mostly of Fibaro stuff I expect)


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I had this too on my second vera plus. For me it had nothing to do with extroot but after a recovery, my unit was failing calibration. To get it back I had to reflash it. See my report here.

Is that the Christmas Tree mode then?


No it’s not. The Xmas light problem occurs upon reboot at what appears to be random rate to me and is the network and service lights flashing forever and at different frequency.
I just sent a note to @edward to tell him that I have not yet observed it when extrooting with this new script which makes the new firmware run on the previous kernel. It makes me suspect that the problem is also in some network changes on the new kernel.

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Fun this morning.
Not at all suggesting it’s extroot, but 7.3 has a couple of gotchas

  1. ZRC scene controllers have their buttons changed. I knew this, but forgot. So none of them worked this morning :smiley:
  2. Time decided it was gmt -8 hours despite still being set to GMT as a timezone. So a chilly start to the day.

Loads of new sensors and stuff due to arrive today. Hopefully I won’t get sucked into work issues :wink:


Huh, this is not extroot but my update script to 7.30… I got a bit lazy and I should probably improve it a little so that it doesn’t overwrite some of the files. Seems like there is some work cutout for me. After the upgrade you indeed will need to reset a few things, the time zone is one of them.

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It is what it is :slight_smile: Don’t forget I didn’t even use the script (cos it didn’t work) but did it manually.

So myself is my blame :slight_smile:


Just curious, has someone successfully extrooted a vera secure on 7.0.29? If so I could provide an extrooted upgrade script to 7.30.

My Vera Secure was extrooted on 7.0.29 - but saddely I was eager to upgrade to 7.30, so it’s not extrooted anymore. I guess that’s not to any help @rafale77 ?

Yeah unfortunately, it won’t extroot any more. You could still try to see if it will pivot the root to the external drive but in my experience, it was not possible. On top of this the new kernel , from my test results, appear to be the source of several problems we reported during the beta and is not reversible.

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Upgrade from already extrooted 7.29 (Vera Plus) went well, even timezone was preserved. Settings that I had to fix were network (static IP back, wifi off) and logging (unchecked “archive old logs on MiOS”)

Thanks @rafale77 for your great work!

UPDATE: timezone seemed to be fine at first, it was correct in the unit settings, but there was wrong time shown in the upper right corner in the UI. This was fixed by setting another timezone and then back to the correct one


any idea if we will see a 7.31 extroot?

I am back but am travelling for business this week. I should be able to get that out this weekend.


This is the file with script to upgrade to 7.31b on your extrooted vera plus.

It is too big to post on the forum so I had to use a third party upload.
unzip the too files and upload to your extrooted vera.
Run ./
You may need to run a permission change to make the file executable chmod +x

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Rafale, how do you tell if exroot is still working? I was recently on my Vera (getting ready for the new firmware I am hoping) and did a backup_to_vera command, and it pretty much failed accross the board, so wondering if my exroot died off at some point and I am actually running of the Vera.