Vera Edge UI7 - Scene with Light sensor

Newbie here - enjoying playing but seem to have got stuck with Aeon 4 in 1 sensor and light levels - all seems to be working with regards to sensing levels, but I tried to write some scenes to trigger lights on the lighting levels.

Whenever _Light Sensor…
Brightness reached
(Regardless of whether I put level > or < in)

The scene triggers when light level is below the figure I put in - never above

Is this a bug or feature or something anyone else come across?

FW 1.7.961



Hi Rob,

I have one of these multi sensors and have also noticed the issue you are pointing out, I do think that from reading their tech spec it is supposed to be this way.

Have you actually seen any light level changes from the sensor? as mine always seems to be reading ‘104’.

I’ve also been trying to log the light levels continuously as my sensor is in a hallway that sometimes requires illuminating on bad weather days and I wanted to see what levels were being detected. But these sensors only appear to log once a day at restart time.

I know this isn’t actually much help to you but at least you know there’s someone else out here working with one of these devices.


Often the Light Level and the Temp piggy back the motion sensor … no motion … not temp and no light level.

I have got it reporting regularly and it updates (It took me a while to realise that you have to set the config settings using 4 byte dec even if small number!

My Aeon 4-in-1 is plugged into a USB port on a WIFI repeater, so reporting regularly aint using the batteries

I have the following config variables set… (on the Parent PIR)

2 -1 Byte Dec = 1
3 -2 Byte Dec = 240
4 - 1 Byte Dec = 1
5 - 1 Byte Dec = 2
111 - 4 Byte Dec = 10
112 - 4 Byte Dec = 10
113 - 4 Byte Dec = 10
101 - 4 Byte Dec = 225

I think the last one 101 is the most important as that dictates what is reported.

I have subsequently learnt that there was an issue before with UI5 which appears to be in UI7 as well??? Basically the Vera scene editor cannot correctly handle the light sensor condition using more or less.

I have fixed it by using the PLEG plug-in which is superb…