Vera Edge suddenly stopped sending any alerts

I’m hoping that I’m doing something stupid here rather than my vera just being broken. I’ve restored previous day’s backups from when it worked as well as a factory reset and it still will not send me any emails or text messages when I trigger an alert. The settings are set to send alerts for the specific devices in the modes I’ve tried (all of them). It was working fine 2 days ago but suddenly does not work at all. That makes the entire product worthless since I can’t rely on it at all.

I tried to enable the geofence option yesterday and it didn’t appear to do anything. I’ve looked the alerts plugins (which may have been what broke me, but I figured a factory reset would undo those changes).

In the log I can see it sending the request for the notification to vera’s server so now I’m actually thinking that their service is just broken and it has nothing to do with me. Anybody else having issues like this?

As soon as I clicked submit on this post I left my house and set off my garage door alert and got 3 notifications at once. I really have no idea why it suddenly decided to work. I still can’t get the geofence to actually change modes. There’s no way that I can see to even debug it to even have any chance of figuring out why it’s not working. For all I know it thinks someone is still home.

There REALLY needs to be more than just alerts on the alerts page. It should be an “event log” that contains things like “user ‘blah’ has left geofence area”, system status changed to “Home” by user ‘blah’, or “Scene xyz was executed”. Right now it’s impossible to tell what this damn thing is doing.

It sounds like based on a reply to my geofencing thread that my issue might be my wife’s android phone and geofencing setup. My alert worked as mentioned above when she wasn’t home. When she got home yesterday I show an alert in my Vera web UI for the front door but I never got a notification anywhere. It’s kinda like the android client is breaking the state of the system, as if it’s in home mode but isn’t showing it.