Vera Edge sms not working


new Vera user here. I’ve developed for Domoticz and then used Fibaro for a while, and now I’m migrating my house to my shiny new Vera Edge. So far I’m impressed with the (at least theoretical) possibilities and the fact that I can once again include 433 mhz devices, greenwave plugs and my Nest protects. The energy stuff does not seem to work at all though. My main issue is the fact that the authentication sms from the setup wizard never arrives. The system says not to include my country code (which is displayed as +31 correctly already) so I’m adding my mobile phone without the first zero. Mobile phone in the netherlans is 06-XXXXX. The only way vera accepts it is as 6XXXX, but then no sms arrives. Any ideas?


I think I got it working after setting the country or phone provider to Other and then enter the number with +316…

But you get only 2 texts a day so I switched to the notifications on the Vera app that Ui7 supports.

Cheers Rene.

Same problem with account verification… I can’t seem to receive the SMS from vera. Also in the Netherlands, do you have Vodafone as service provider ?

Yes Vodafone indeed.

It seems a vodafone issue, setting it to provider “other” and start the number with 6 works indeed thanks… If I set country to “other” the interface just keeps complaining that I have to set it or select a nearest city (which does not work).

Limitation on texts is a pain especially when you are just setting things up. I use Homewave push notifications for ios, and VeraAlert combined with Pushover for android.

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You can simplify this whole thread by changing the statement to:

Vera Edge not working.

It is not Edge specific. Same problem on Lite with UI6 or UI7. Have not tried UI5.