Vera Edge Serial port

Is it anyone out there who has got the serial port to work on Vera Edge?
I have tried a lot but Apps/Develop Apps/Serial port config allways says “Not available”

And in that case do anyone have a tip, i.e small luup code snippet, for a easy way to test that the port is working and I don’t have a hardware failure on my brand new Edge.

I have latest firmware 1.7.906

I got answer from support:

Hello Ola,
I wanted to let you know that we are aware of the issue with the serial port and my colleagues from the development team are working to fix it and the fix should be added in the next update.
As far as I know my colleagues in development will release the next firmware update at the end of this month or on the beginning of February.
More information on the release notes for UI7 you can find in the link below:

Ah I see the date has slipped again… I got:

Ally Ghetu replied:
Hello S,

You have the latest update running on your unit, 1.7.906.
We apologize for the inconvenience this issue have caused you but rest assured that this will be resolved ASAP.

We?ve discovered an incompatibility in the usb drivers on the OpenWrt platform that is used by the Vera Edge.
Our colleagues from development are working on it right now and should release a patch and in the first weeks of January to fix this.

With UI7 as you probably know there are monthly updates which bring new improvements to the system.

Thank you.


Ally Ghetu
Vera Smarter Home Control
Technical Support Team

I’m going to return this unit as it has now stopped working completely and is dragging my LAN down causing connectivity problems for the rest of the sub net. It is clearly a Beta product and requires a lot more work. I waited for the second week in January but now they are saying mid Feb? I’m not prepared to wait any longer as I will jeopardize my opportunity to get my money back. Thank God for Paypal!