Vera Edge on UI5 ?

Hi, I have 5 vera, all on UI5.
I just don’t like the fact that I have to create a new account instead of all at the same place in cp.mios.

Is it possible to downgrade a Edge on UI5 ?


Ui7 is different servers and better security.


Vera Edge is UI7 only. It is not possible to load UI5 on the Edge.

Since the VeraEdge runs different hardware then the VeraLite & Vera3, you cannot install a VeraLite/Vera3 Ui5 build on the Edge. The only way to downgrade the Edge is for GetVera to provide a Ui5 build for it. Which I doubt they have.

This is the reason there are different UI7 builds for VeraLite/Vera 3 and VeraEdge.