Vera Edge, and unpairing lost devices

I am having a lot of difficulty with the Vera Edge.

I have paired about 77 devices so far, and almost the whole house is complete except a few which because of some bugginess in UI7 I have lost/deleted/not sure what happened with some devices which seemed to have paired, but didn’t unpair, just got removed, again not sure what was happening things were acting up and being weird.

I have no idea what I can do to reset these switches/thermostats remaining, maybe about 15 or so, so that I can reattempt to pair them with the Vera.

Have you tried a factory reset on the devices? This way you can clear their memory?

did you try unpairing (even if they are not showing on the Vera UI) then pairing the devices again?

RHINESEL, I did not try to do a hard reset, I will probably have to call Cooper Industries on those instructions because I don’t see them anywhere in there installation sheet.

Capjay, I am not sure how you would unpair if you don’t see the switches listed in devices. Keep in mind I am using UI7.

Not familiar with UI7 or Edge, but can you put the Edge in exclude mode and then press the switch? Same as to include but just using “exclude”?

I’ve done it for UI5 where devices weren’t even paired yet. Sometimes they have a hard time pairing and excluding them first seems to help.