Vera cameras not showing

I’m configuring Imperihome and it’s all going well except for my camera. I have it setup in Vera (UI5) to just pull static images from an IP camera every second. AutHomationHD has no problem displaying the thumbnail and then displaying the actual camera feed when I tap on that thumbnail.

In Imperihome, if I set it to the live camera widget, then it shows an error “Error Updating Camera”. If I use the static icon widget, then when I click on the widget, I just get a blank screen. I get the same behavior if I’m in list view and hit the “Watch” button on the camera item (blank screen).

Configuring the cameras directly in Imperihome is not an option at this time. My security cameras are on a different sub-router to my local network and in order for Vera to get the images requires some fancy dancing with a shell script on Vera that establishes and maintains ssh connections to the secondary router forwarding the necessary ports to vera. It’s a mess, but it works and I just have the vera camera configurations set to pull an image every second. That’s plenty for me as the cameras are also connected to a NVR that handles the real security, recording, etc.

Any idea why this isn’t working? I saw a similar thread here from a couple years ago, but it didn’t look like it had any resolution.