Vera bridge to HouseBot

Hi all, first post. Been reading a lot but simply too much info.
I use HouseBot as my HA server software. I just bought an Apple Watch and would like to be able to use the VeraMate app on the Watch to unlock my house when arriving home. For this I figured I could buy a Vera Edge, talk to it using Vera Mate and have the Vera Edge talk to HouseBot in some way. I looked at notifications and read that I can send messages to LAN.
So my question would be: can somebody point me in the direction of where I can read up on having the Vera talk to a local IP address while outputting plain ascii so I can create external HouseBot commands and pick up from there using HouseBot.
I dont want to control anything else using the Vera since I don’t use ZWave. So the Vera would just be a bridge between my Apple Watch and HouseBot.

Assuming that HouseBot can be controlled via HTTP calls, you can find how to issue Vera issue HTTP calls here.

I think your plan will be fraught with frustration. VeraMate was intended to control Vera and Vera was intended to control Z-Wave devices. I think you’ll be better served by finding an app that can control HouseBot directly. Let us know if you get it working. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

One way to link devices between HouseBot and Vera would be to use xAP . xAP is a free and open protocol using UDP to send real time control and status events between devices Basically you can set up mirror devices on both platforms.

Most HA software has a xAP plugin available, HouseBot included. For Vera I have a ‘never quite released’ xAP plugin - because the configuration interface still needs implementing in a nicer way… It is based around an original contribution by Alan (racarter). You’re welcome to play with that if you’re up for some LUA modification on Vera to suit your setup.

I can’t vouch for how useful the Apple Watch to HouseBot path would be as there will be a few extra intermediary steps involved which is never ideal, but it is one option. HouseBot is fairly dormant at the moment so I doubt an Apple Watch app will be on the horizon, and you probably intend Vera for it’s secure lock communication anyway, assuming you’re intending a Z-Wave lock. If not then a bit of code to talk directly to HouseBot via TCP just to handle watch actions would be the more efficient path, or indeed some other watch app to HouseBot link.