Vera Blue Iris Camera Plugin Question

Does this two year old plugin work with version 1.7.1598? The setup screenshots and video are a older version. If it works does anyone have any updated screenshots for installation?

I had a blue iris camera working with the previous firmware but after the last update I this get error message:

You are seeing the video in emulation mode. The camera doesn’t support or has trouble loading up the continuous streaming. You can try to load it again by clicking Retry or you can click Close and continue watching it as it is.

I tried all kinds of things but no luck so far
I have it working now, the instructions are for UI5 but are identical to UI7, just ignore the pictures. make sure to change the BI camera name under the advanced “variables” tab not the “Params”

The instructions and files are here: GitHub - undert03/vera-blueiris: Cam / Sensor plugin for Blue Iris IP Cam DVR

I have it working on 1.7.1598. I just recently tried the latest Mios beta and it worked on that too. I did revert for other issues. What would you like to know. The plugin stays function even though it seems there is a Blue Iris software update daily.