Vera Automatically Renaming Devices (adding "1" to name) which Breaks Scenes

Since applying the most recent firmware 1.7.3231, I have found that my VeraEdge has been renaming devices and changing their device ID.
This then breaks scenes, as the scene still refers to the old device ID.
eg. “Front Light” (dev ID 057) becomes “Front Light 1 1 1 1” (dev ID 220)

I reported this to customer care and they said that Vera must have tried to drop and re-add the device due to a configuration issue.
They recommended that I unpair and repair the devices… all 9 of them!
So I did this last week, fixed up my scenes and things returned to normal.

And today it’s happened all over again.

The devices involved include Aeotec Smart Switch 6 & Aeotec Multisensor 6.
They are in various places around the house. Had them for over a year with no previous issues.

Has anyone else seen this type of activity?

Yes, seen with Multisensor 6 also in my case, earlier this week, and for other reasons, I dropped the device myself and re-added it. I have not seen it since. This is on a new, clean system with a new network–I started from factory reset condition 7 days ago on 3232 (Plus).

I have 7 Multi-sensor 6’s spread across 2 controllers in two seperate locations updated to .3232 and everything seems fine for me.

I’ve not had any name or device changes.

Just had the same thing happen to me on my vera plus 1.7.3501. It happened on about 10 different devices and broke pleg since the devices are no longer associated.

Did anyone find out a root cause?


Vera automatically hides devices which failed some criteria from the UI. It is likely that your original device failed for some reason and then got rediscovered on the network so Vera put it back but since the old one still is in a failed state and hidden, you get a new one with a 1 appended to the name… Check the device number. It is what the scenes should be using. I am guessing it is a new device number which is what is breaking your scenes.

For some reason that device triggers a re-configuration of itself, causing it to add 1 at the end. I would set it to “Automatically configure - NO” on the parent device, under the Settings tab of the device.

Ages since I checked this thread - sorry, life got crazy at home and I had missed marking this topic as watched.
So I wanted to note what happened for me in the end.

Vera support investigated my issue over a few weeks and had me do a reset of the z-wave network (ie. re-pair all of my devices one by one… not fun) but the problems kept happening. They hypothesised that the main database in the controller was corrupt and suggested that I did a full factory reset and start again.
This was on a Vera Edge running firmware 1.7.1786.

At the same time I received a new Vera Plus unit that I had ordered, so thought that if I’m going to have to rebuild the whole environment I may as well do it on that.
Rebuilding from scratch did resolve the “1” issue in the names. Devices however were intermittently failing to respond and constant LUUP restarts were out of control.
I was put on Firmware v1.7.3532 with the z-wave chip v4.61 patch. This resulted in the most stable environment that I have ever had across Vera 3, Edge & Plus controllers.

This week I’ve upgraded to fw v1.7.3831 with z-wave chip v6.1 officially incorporated and am happy to report that it has remained stable.
It’s the first time in 3yrs of using Vera that I feel as though I have a controller that does what they said it would.

So, no conclusive explanation of what caused the original problem unfortunately but a stable environment today at least and a smiling user.

This happens to me on the VeraSecure (firmware 1.7.3832) after I have to do the manual reset button (hold for 30 seconds) action. It isn’t ALL devices that get the “1” but is enough to affect - like your situation - scenes every once in a while