Vera and Solar Pool Controllers

I was looking at purchasing a Solar Pool Controllers for my pool’s panels, sort of like:

However, it would be nice if Vera could control them. Does anyone know if there are any Solar Pool Controllers that work with Vera?

This might be something the intermatic PE653 pool controller can interface with? It has a bunch of relay outputs and also an RS485 serial port that I’d imaging you would be able to interface with something similar.

Thanks, I looked into it and they don’t support solar.

Odd! Surely it would just have to switch over some valves though and some of the relay outputs could handle that I would have thought!

I have a Goldline control system and was just researching this as well. I saw that Goldline has a new integrated solar controller. AquaSolar® | Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products

This plus the new multiwave controller may do what you want

I intend to research it