Vera and remote unit control

I am new to Vera but I have several home automation lamp modules and switches in use. They are all run from a Intermatic remote unit. My question is how do I get Vera to control the switches and modules as well as the remote? I can get Vera to add a module if I remove it from the remote network but I can’t seem to add it back after its added to Vera. I hope I am doing something run because I would like to add a thermostat and a few more switches for outside lights etc that I can control remotely with Vera.

Is it possible to have Vera and my remote control the same devices?


It largely depends on the remote brand, but yes you can make one of the devices a primary and the other the secondary or you can get Vera to configure it to be a scene controller.

Which Intermattic remote is it and which version of Vera are you running and have you read any of the documentation on how to do this?

I would configure the remote as a scene controller if I was you. Take a read of the following and see how you get on:

A little more general info here to confuse you more:

Thanks for the reply. I have read the Intermatic Handheld Remotes doc but I had not found the other one yet. I will go take a look.

My remote is a HA07 remote. I can’t remember which version of Vera it is right now but it looks like a different interface than the screen shots.

If I understand this correctly…I need to reset my remote and and then add it to vera first? But I still don’t see anything on how to add the switches and modules. Are they then added to Vera or the remote? I assume I add them all to Vera and then in Vera set a scene. How is that copied back to the remote?

Its explained in the links I gave you which can seem daunting… but essentially:

-You have to include it like you would a normal Zwave device first.
-Create scenes in Vera that would essentially be on or off for your devices.
-Add an event to those scenes (the event is associating it to a corresponding button on the remote…1,2,3 etc
-Then copy these over to the remote again…This is almost like including it a second time.

When you press the corresponding remote button it will then trigger the scene you set up previously.
Scenes can be as simple as one light on or off, or slightly more complex like setting a target dim level, or more complex where you control whole groups of devices…with some on, some off and some dimmed etc.

I really suggest you print out the wiki link and read it a few times to get the gist of it and then try it; If you don’t have any luck and you’re running UI4 (interface is grey) then I’ll see if I can put together a better guide for you as I’m about to add one of these for a friend anyway.

Strangely…thank you. I am going to do that. Print them out and go over it a little more and give it a try. I apreciate the help. I will let you know. A better guide would be awesome. Your right, some of those instructions do seem daunting.