Vera and DSC1832 Unable to disarm

I have a newly installed DSC1832 that I have hooked up to my VERA 2 UI4 Lastest firmware. Its acting really odd… I can arm the system and change it from away to home but I cannot completely disarm the system. I have tried almost everything as a pin. I have a code set just for vera which works fine from any regular keypad to arm or disarm… Does anyone have any ideas or hints to get me in the right direction?

Did you carry out the additional setup in the Wiki:

If remote Arming and Disarming is not required from Vera, then exit and save; however if this is required then stay in this screen and enter one of the following into the "EnableRemoteArm?" variable:

disarm (Least secure as all functions are available including disarm)
stay (This will enable stay arming and away arming, but not disarm)
arm (Will only enable away mode arming)
NOTE: disarm is the least secure and enables all remote arming features.

After entering any of the above, exit and save.

I do not have that varible for some reason under my main devices advanced tab… Its also does not have a varible for doors… What am I missing do I need to add those somehow? BTW I got it so I can disarm I had to add 00’s to the end of my pincode since my system is setup for 4 digit codes… Altho I still cannot get scenes/events to trigger arming and disarming… I think it might be with what you are talking about… I’ll fool around with it and see if I can get it working… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Never mind I had the crappy version installed from the market place… SSH’d in and killed the files installed the new version and it looks like its all gonna work…

Ok Cool, yeah the marketplace one is way out of date and most likely wont get updated until UI5 comes oinline

Everything is working great… I have it setup to arm certain motions at various times and then the motions trip lights on for a few minutes as I walk threw the house when I get home from work. Really odd thing tho the motions trip AFTER motion has stopped not as soon as it sees motion. Which I find confusing as to the reason they would have it programmed that way.

What type of motion sensors do you have? If they are wireless then they take a little bit longer to trigger due to being in standby; you will also find that once they are tripped the first time, then they go back into a standby mode again, where they will not send a trip command again immediately so as to preserve battery life.

ShootMePlz, I have an IT-100 on order right now. Did you find some good instructions to get this all set up? Can you point me in the right direction, or give me some instructions?



Plugin and instructions to use it can be found below:

Main thread that discusses and supports it: