Vera Alerts - Not just for Android Users any more

VeraAlerts started out as a fast push notification system for Android clients.

But if you want Notifications delivered to the destination of your choice without LUUP coding … read on!

Using non MCV supported notifications has usually meany adding LUUP code to your scenes and/or using the Advanced Tabs to add an appropriate action for your favorite notification plugin.

A recent addition to Vera Alerts has allowed it to be used where ever the existing MCV Notifications are allowed. This includes the Notifications tabs on a device and the Notifications check boxes on a Scene’s triggers. Both of these cases are nicely built into the Vera UI. You can have multiple users (if you configure your account to have multiple people) to have these notifications delivered to multiple destinations (MCV call them users!) This is a complex task and not easily ported to other notification plugins.

In Vera Alerts we allow you to decide how a Notification is delivered to each of these destinations (users).

It also proved the use of Text Templates to format and/or customize the notification message content. You can access much of the information from your Vera System in these templates. See: for details.

The previous version of VeraAlerts only provided delivery of these notifications via the VeraAlerts Android Client and SMTP email distribution (Not using MCV servers).

The new release allows these notifications to be forwarded to another plugin. I.e. the Notifications plugin to send to your IOS device or Windows Mobile phone, or even the Sonos plugin if you want it to speak your notifications.

You can create multiple Users for your Vera Account at

  1. For MCV recording of your notifications
  2. 1 for each of your android phones
  3. 1 for your iPhone or Sonos player.

Then in Vera create notifications and check the appropriate destination (User)!
No LUUP coding at all to get Notifications delivered to the destination of your choice!

See the Vera Alerts Plugin documentation at:

Any Hope of porting this fully to iOs(iphone) ?

I have thought about it … but I thought Automator was providing this type of Service on IOS.

He chose a different solution to distributing notifications … but in the end they both accomplish the same thing.

It’s on my list … the only thing holding me back is setting up a development environment.

I believe that would require a mac and an actual ios device for development.

  • Garrett

Yep … I will find a used IOS device … Anyone have an old one they want to contribute to the cause ?
I am looking to dual boot one of my servers … it looks like others have successfully done so with my mother board.

Are you referring to Vera ALerts or Automator ?
Please leave this thread for Vera Alerts … and move over to Automator for questions there.

Vera Alerts (Android, Email, and/or Forwarded to Sonos, or IOS through the Push Plugin, …) has the same capabilities of distributing which alerts and to whom as Vera does using the MCV notifications (SMS and EMail).

the vera templates page is dead !!!