Vera 3 switch/gateway mode questions for Mios folks

In general I’ve found the wifi radio used in the vera3 to somewhat troublesome in compatibility with some clients (particularly G using WPA) as well as with range (the internal antenna are not adequate for anything but a very small area).

The solution I’ve arrived at is to disable the internal radio and add a more robust AP to one of the LAN ports. I’ve found the Ubiquiti nanoStation 2HP works beautifully for this and solves all the range and compatibility issues.

Currently the Vera3 only allows you to use it as a route via the UI5 interfaces and I would like to use it simply as a switch so my clients on the primary subnet (the one directly off the primary router) can access clients connected to Vera3 for configuration and status purposes. Browsing through the various html and shell scripts I find notations that suggest that Vera3 does not support switch/gateway mode so questions:

  1. Is this true and can the mios/micasaverde folks explain why since it has a built in switch.

  2. I speculate that the reason it’s not in the UI5 interface perhaps it’s related to the wifi radio you are using. With the radio disabled can I then put it in switch mode?

  3. If that isn’t possible it appears I can modify the firewall via Luci to forward requests from wan port to lan port. Will this work?


Did you ever get an answer to this?

In my environment, I did not want Vera to do WiFi at all. I wanted all access to go through my Linksys router.

Found that if you add this statement to your start up lua code, WiFi will be disabled:

os.execute("wifi down")

See this thread for details as this has already been discussed.

  • Garrett