Vera 3 Detailed specs

Hello All;

I am bring some veras to my country and i was looking for a detailed specs for the customs

I need the frequency (which is for europe 868 MHZ and 2.4 GHz wifi)

I need the Antenna Gain which i couldn’t find?
and the output power?

I couldn’t find those info and imagine i have to find these specs for each device i am importing!!

With OpenWrt these things are largely controlled through software. Cat the file /etc/config/wireless and look for the txpower field. This is measured in dBm, which you can convert to mW.

Wi-Fi transmit frequencies are the same: the hardware may be able to transmit up to channel 14, but you can set a country field in the config that puts a ceiling of 13 or 11 on that.

Wi-Fi channel to frequency mappings can be found online easily. I won’t spoil you the joy of Googling it yourself.

Similarly, the Z-Wave frequencies are known for each region. What further information do you need that you haven’t been able to work out for yourself?

I need the default variables for the antenna gain in dbm or mW

They will do some tests on one unit and they should have approximate readings

Wifi is not a problem since they have tested it before already

I haven’t got a Vera3 so you will have to go look in the file that I pointed you to to see what the default is.

The little 15 cm antennas that come with Vera1 are 5 dB gain style. Vera3 might be the same. I doubt they are more.

The FCC exhibits may help also. If I read it right, the gain for the PCB antenna is 2.21 dBi.

(FCC ID for Vera 3: P27NA900A)

SO what i got from the above mentioned

There are two antennas, one for Wi-Fi and one for Z-wave

The Wi-Fi gain is 2.21 db
The z-wave gain is 5 db


I think you have those backwards.

Right; the 2.21 is for the Z-Wave PCB Antenna Assembly (frequency 860-930MHz).

thank you guys :slight_smile: