Vera 2 will not go into learn mode

Hello All,

I’ve searched the forum and found some similar issues where people say its because ver 3.2 over 2.78 is the issue. I’ve tried both and no luck. I’ve rebooted multiple time still no joy below are the symptoms. If you know or have any suggestions please share this is driving me nuts1

I power up the vera 2 router, lights come on as expected, power on and solid, eth1 on and solid, wave on and solid
I press the z-wave button on rear of vera2 to put it in learn mode. - Sometimes light remains on solid and green, sometimes it turns off and remains off for about 5-10 second then comes back on and stays on
Obviously I expected the wave light to flash on and off at about a rate of 1 second or so but no joy!
It does this behavior wither I have 2.78 or 3.2 version selected!

Please help!



Update: I meant to add that when I enter the wizard to add a device I can select the time zone etc then proceed to the next step where it sits indefinitely (10 mins + ) with a clock and revolving had. I have not left it longer than the 10 mins but it seems to me it shouldn’t take this long!

Hello daragh,

Please contact Tech Support, they should be able to fix all these issues.

Contacted tech support, how long does it normally take for them to reply?



MCV Tech Support Sucks, ticket submitted over 48 hours ago and so response at all yet! Anybody know if they even exist?



Considering it is a weekend, you will not get a reply until at least Monday. It would be faster to call them.

  • Garrett

I’ve added devices before, but it’s not working tonight! When I press the Z-wave button in the back, it simply reboots the Vera. Anyone have experience with this issue?

Bump? I still can’t add any devices. I looked at the log and it does
Nothing when the zwave button is pushed the first time and crashes/reboot when pushed a second time.

Just a thought, there are 2 buttons, are you pressing the right one?

You can also go into learn mode from the dashboard, does that work?



Please submit a trouble ticket.