vera 2 "no zwave dongle"

last time this happened tech support was able to restore it by reinstalling the dongle firmware, anyone know how to do this so I dont have to wait for tech support?

Other than restoring a previously working backup? I believe its an inherent UI4 issue.


thanks Jod, tried that with no success

Sorry dude… I know how much this sucks!!

Here is what I propose going forward to save users the time and aggravation trying to figure out what’s wrong when it’s already a known reported issue.
Who is responsible for creating a new category?

  1. We need our own “Reported bugs / issues” drop down category or something similar?
  2. It needs to be locked as far as the OP which lists the current known issues. Only updated by the moderators so it’s kept organized?
  3. Before an issue is posted it needs to be discussed so we can gather as much info about causes, reasons and possible work around’s?
  4. If it warrants posting there should be a corresponding link to the report on Mantis?

I would be more than willing to help, contribute, post or edit if it’s an issue for whomever would need to do the work…
Any thoughts?


that would be extremely helpful, not sure MCV would be in a hurry to have that section added, lol

Spent the weekend adding a number of new switches. Went to include the last one and just encountered this same issue!

What’s the best way to recover from this? Or do a reset and start all over ?

This is on a Vera 2, running firmware 1.1.1047.

Help! Thanks in advance!

i was able to resore mine by doing a backup, then “factory reset” then restore from the the backup, I’ve been up and running since

Ok, that was a bit interesting. Did a reset, but for some reason my vera never shows up on (even as a local device), so had to go dig thru my router to find it’s IP address after the reset.

But after a restore, things look like I’m back in business! No doubt this happened when I had vera on the battery pack trying to add a new switch. Think from now on I’ll just carry the power adapter around and hopefully avoid this nonsense.

Thanks for the help!!

** One more observation. After getting back up and running, went and added another device. Now the ETH1 led doesn’t illuminate, think I saw another thread relating the same experience. All appears to be working, just not a real confidence builder! Maybe something that will get fixed in the next firmware release.