Vera 2 IU4 with Honeywell Thermostat

I am using a Vera 2 running IU4. I have just installed a Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007 Zwave thermostat. For those of you familiar with commercial thermostats, this thermostat is based of off the Vision Pro 8000 with a slightly reduced set of functionality. I nloticed during setting up the thermostat on the T-stats front end, that there is now a matrix display on the very top of the thermostat with a line under it. Previous Vision Pro Tstats were strictly 9 segment displays. Does anyone know if the upper matrix display is accessible as a variable? My previous thermostat had an outdoor air sensor which it displayed on the screen. That function had been removed from this Zwave thermostat. I would like to put a Zwave thermostat outside and poll that thermostats variable for temperature and broadcast it to the matrix display of the above mentioned display. Anyone know if I can access that segment of the display to output infor on the screen?

I appreciate any help,

Glenn McElroy