Vera 2 Front Lights going Out

I have a Vera 2 with the firmware that was automatically downloaded from MCV during setup. The front lights on the unit I noticed a couple of times were all off except for the power light. After a bit the lights were back on as normal. The unit seems to work normally when the lights are on, but it doesn’t respond of course when they are off. Has anyone else ever noticed this?

It’s normal to see the lights off during a firmware update, a reboot or the internal configuration after adding/remove Z-Wave devices from your network. Beyond that, by Vera 2’s lights stay on.

I understand that the lights go off when upgrading. add/remove devices ect. What’s strange is that the lights go off and back on by them selves and I’m not doing anything. A number of times I just have been walking by the unit and the lights are off. A few minutes later they are all back on. I don’t really know how often this happens it’s just what I have noticed. Not a big deal but maybe MCV is doing something ?

Is it maybe rebooting perhaps? Have you noticed any delays at all in controlling devices?

If you are confident with SSH then you also log into it and check out the uptime to see if it reflects the time you truly know it to have been on for?!

It does appear it is rebooting by itself.

I don’t know how to log in with SSH but would be willing to give it a try if you could give me some instructions or steps to follow.

I wouldn’t do it if you are not confident about it and would prefer if MCV gave you the instructions or sanctioned this.

It really sounds like its rebooting and probably the best thing you can do is enable tech support and raise a tech support request.

OK, I will wait and see if this reboot problem continues. If it continues and or becomes a more frequent issue I will submit a ticket to MCV. Really don’t want to bother MCV as I am sure they are very busy with UI4.

Thanks for the advice.

This issue is happening alot. I submitted a ticket.

I don,t know if MCV has done anything yet but I may have fixed my problem. I have all my power modules plugged into a power strip. They are plugged in right next to each other. ( Vera,Router,ect). They seem to be running a little warm to the touch so I spread they out across the power strip so they had some spacing between them. Since doing this my Vera has stopped causing the problem with the lights going out and back on. Maybe heat or interference from the other power modules were causing the problem. I think all the power modules are of the switching type and if I recall are very noisy. I’m crossing my fingers that this works.

Did you hear anything back from tech support? My box on UI4 seems to be doing the same thing. I log into my vera box, and see there its running very high on the cpu.

Not a word from MCV yet. Box is still doing it. It appears to be rebooting. Doesn’t really cause any problem until my Vera happens to reboot when a Timer is about to run. Don’t know what else to do ? Maybe wait for the official UI4 upgrade. Be running UI4 .1008 as was automaticaly installed.

Have you guys tried to call the tech support number?

Hard to call tech support when I have to work all day. I went to my Mios login and checked the EVENTS log, here’s what I got for a lot of days in a row “The requested URL /luup-events.php was not found on this server.” Not sure what this means ? Can anyone clue me in ?

What IS the tech support number??

What IS the tech support number??[/quote]

U.S. Toll-Free: (866) 966-casa (866-966-2272)
International: +1 (702) 487-9770


Still have my occassional reboot problem but not as often. I read on an another thread that some are running version .1029 and .1034. I am running version UI4 .1008. So how do I try a newer version or is it one of those things where " IF I TOLD YOU I would have to kill you" Secret stuff I suppose. How about it, can someone let me know?