Vera 1/UI2 vs Vera 2/UI4

I’m a very happy Vera 1/UI2 user. While I don’t feel a need to upgrade to Vera 2, I also don’t want to get left behind. Since there are only 10 days left to trade up to the Vera 2 with MCVs special pricing, I’m a bit on the fence about whether to do so. Best I can tell, UI4 on Vera 1 is still not quite ready for prime time.

So 2 questions:

  1. How far off is non-beta UI4 on Vera 1 (and is it worth the wait)?
  2. Is getting the Vera 2 going to really buy me anything in the long run since I don’t have a need for a 2nd Vera?

I’m not sure if it’s really going to offer you any advantage in the running of you HA system but in the long run who knows. I’m sure you could probably sell your Vera 1 for more than the $30 they give you for trade in though. If you can sell it for $100 your only in for $19 to get a Vera 2.

It depends on your setup.
I have a Vera 1 running UI2 and a Vera 2 running UI4. I upgraded my V1 to UI4 and I was impressed with the GUI and the way scenes are laid out VS UI2 along with numerous other improvements. The built in clock is great if you lose internet to continue running your timed events. I think the response times to an event within UI4 are faster too.

However, there are a few bugs that need to be worked out before I make UI4 my main GUI (cant connect via iPhone or iVera and my T-stats are not showing correctly) so I reverted back to UI2 and bought the V2 with UI4 and cloned my Vera 1 for my test bed going forward.

Vera 2 has a faster processor and more memory, since my system is about 70 devices I wanted that quicker response so depending what you are running in your system and if V1 UI2 is working out for you it may not be worth upgrading. When UI4 is solid if I were you I would atleast make that upgrade.


i am running ver2 in test mode with 1 each of the sensors i use in my main system (vera1 UI2) While there are minor bugs aplenty in the interface, the core functions so far have been more solid than i expected (given some forum reports) and I’ve been pleased with the improved functionaility of some specific sensors. I will probably take the leap soon and make Vera2 my main system then find another home for Vera1, I say go for it, for a little over a hundred i can find another use for the original even if it is only extending the house coverage as 2 Veras can cooperate in one system