Velux Blinds and Z-Wave

I’m about to install a couple of VELUX Electric Light Dimming Blinds on Velux CFP fixed roof lights. Has anyone used the Hunter Douglas DBMZ unit with these blinds and how well does it work with the VeraLite? Also, does anyone have recommendations for a suitable 24V DC power supply, preferably one that is powerful enough to drive two of these blinds simultaneously.


If the VELUX motors are standard motors that are switched via voltage running through a double-throw switch (so not radio or IR operated) and they have internal milit switches, then the DBMZ should work.

I posted here about placed to find power supplies:,15124.msg117394.html#msg117394

Thanks, shady. I can find very little info on the blinds apart from that they are 24 volt two wire devices. Reverse motion is achieved by reverse polarity on supply voltage, no mention of limit switches. I have ordered the blinds and the Hunter Douglas units, so I’ll post again once I get them installed - hopefully it will all just work!!