Variable w/o Variable Container Plugin?

So, I’ve had an action setup for a while now which uses PLEG in conjunction with the Multiswitch Plugin and the Variable Container Plugin. I tend to think that I could eliminate the need for the Variable Container Plugin, but am not exactly sure how. Currently, when I arrive within a geofence I switch on one of the multiswitches and set a variable from 0 to 1 in my variable container. Then when I approach an iBeacon next to my front door another multiswitch is tripped. If both multiswitches have been tripped and the variable (arriving) is 1 the door unlocks. I’d love to do this primarily with PLEG but can’t figure it out. Basically, I need to say if the iBeacon switch is tripped and I’m hope but was previously gone unlock the door. This is to prevent the door from unlocking every time I’m in the house and walk past it. Anyone doing this or know of a way to do this without the need for the “arriving” variable? I tried using sequences in PLEG but couldn’t quite figure that out and would rather not need to use this in conjunction with any sort of timer.