Vacation Home locks - why I don't use z-wave

For those with vacation homes that are considering the Schlage z-wave device, let me tell you why I chose not use this and what I do instead - just so you know there is an alternative…

My requirements (in addition to remote operation) are that I have a different code for each reservation and that the lock does not open outside of the check-in/out times. This is to prevent people checking in early/staying late - which happens when the lock is set per calendar day, for example.

While the Vera/Schlage lock system can do this. As far as I can tell, it does require that the code gets changed at the right time and therefore that the system is up and running. If there’s a power outage then the code will not change and any guests will not be able to get in. The physical key would then need to be issued from a lock-box.

While this issue would not happen often I was just not comfortable with such a fundamental thing having this dependency.

I opted for one of the locks that uses codes that encode the arrival/departure times and so I never need to change anything on the lock and just generate a code separately that will work if the lock is operating. My reservation management system obtains the code automatically for me so I never need to do anything manually.

I have some more info on these types of locks at the following link if anyone is interested: [url=]Looking for something? | Vacation Rental Management Software - MyVRZone.


you could put Vera on a ups which would totally eliminate the power outage issue. Vera uses something like 6W so basic ups could power it for days.

True. My experience is that UPS’s are usually large, have their own problems and so good ones are going to be relatively expensive. It was easier to go the route I took in the end - fewer parts in the chain.


I use the Vera with schlage locks on my vacation rental units and the best reason is because I can also log if some other code was used to get in such as a housekeeper that I leave permant codes for in case they need to access the units. Also if someone wants to have a late check out or early check in you would have to have your computer with you to give them a new code. All I have to do is whip out my phone and let them in early if it’s already clean and ready to go.

The logging is a good point - the locks that I use need physical access to read that level of information. I’ve not personally needed that detail but I can see that some might and I don’t think there’s an alternative to the schlage lock for that.

The early check-in/late check-out would work for me, though, as the codes are generated online so I can do that from my phone too.