Vacation Ghost lights missing

I started playing with this plug in and found out of my 9 lights, VG only sees 5 of them.

They are all Fibaro dimmers, except 1 is a Fibaro relay and another is a Wintop dimmer module. These 2 are among the 4 VG does not list.

Any ideas?

I noticed in a post it was said to clear the cache. What cache and how to clear it please.

I can’t help you with the Vacation Ghost plugin.

The cache you are referring to is your internet browser’s cache. A Google search will provide you with instructions on how to clear the cache of your specific browser.

There’s a known issue with absence of some devices that is discussed in the VG thread.

As already pointed out, please consider the plugin as a beta version. The main thread can be found here:,12952.0.html

We are always glad for receiving feedback.

Are you running the newest version of the vacation ghost? Which vera on which firmware are you using? Could you maybe provide more information (like ID’s and names and rooms…) from the missing devices? Then maybe I can try to reproduce this. I do have quite a few fibaro switches and dimmers and they all seem to work fine.

After installing a plugin I generally recommend clearing your browsers cache (goto settings and clear browser cache, or google) and reloading the Lua Engine (reload button on topright on your vera) on your vera a couple of times.

Using Vera 3 UI5 VG ver .91

6 lights it cannot see…

                              name                     ID     node

FGS221 FIBAR BRM Light 234 26
iModule Dim Wintop ENI light 212 2
FGD211 FIBAR ENO Light 238 18
FGD211 FIBAR KIT Light 226 20
FGD211 FIBAR OFC Light 228 22
FGS221 FIBAR TEA Light 229 23

4 it can see…

                              name                     ID     node

FGD211 FIBAR BA1 Light 233 25
FGD211 FIBAR BAG Light 227 21
FGD211 FIBAR DIN Light 225 19
FGS221 FIBAR BR1 Light 230 24

All lights working in Vera and PLEG.

Thanks for the info, I will look into it.

Did you clear your browsers cache? Any improvement?

Are the lights which you can not see in one room, or are they in a room from which you see other lights? We found an error within the drop down list (see main thread for this plugin). I think it could be related to this. Maybe you could switch a light which you don’t see at the moment to another room (just for testing) and then let me know if you see it.

CLeared cache, no change.

Put a light into the same room as the VG plug in. It still cannot see it.
BTW, These lights are all in different locations.