Using WebcamXP motion detection as Trigger in Vera

I’m running on a fitpc2 WebcamXP. VCR solution able to connect IP or usb cams. The advantage of the solution is the quality of the motion detection and the VCR utilities.
Now as I’m not a confirmed programmer, I would like to know what is the best way to interract with Vera. I would like to use motion detection as a trigger for scenes in Vera. When motion detection is activated in WebcamXP, I have different options available, such as “Run http post, send email, run application (.exe or bat files), send SMS, send Windows message”. So what is the best way to proceed? I was thinking writing a .BAT file with some script. Or is it possible via a simple email to communicate with Vera? All ideas welcome. chris.

The techniques outlined in this post should apply to what you’re looking to do also.

ie. Create a virtual sensor, and have something external to Vera “trigger” it using HTTP

Thanks guessed, I created a virtual device. Now I know how to generate an html post with WebcamXP with motion detection, the only thing I do know now is how to configure virtual device to get http information from WebcamXP, sorry, not very skillful in configuring that kind of service :-[ Or maybe give me the post link where I could find this info, Thanks! chris

Found the solution, thanks Garrett: :wink:


Hello, one question more, as I need to run an .exe code from a Windows machine I have to write a little code to integrate the above URL in. I’ve found this code on internet, but doesn’t seem to work (with VB2010Express). Any examples?

Ok, I find it: and I’m very happy :smiley: hope it helps…

Sub Main()
    Dim oHttp As Object
    Dim strUrl
    oHttp = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

    strUrl = "MYIP/data_request?id=lu_action&output_format=json&serviceId=urn:upnp-org:serviceId:VSwitch1&DeviceNum=51&action=SetTarget&newTargetValue=1"

    oHttp.Open("POST", strUrl, False)
End Sub